Author: Kirstie B

Hey there! I'm Kirstie and I am so excited to share this blog with all of you! I Should probably tell you a little bit about me. I am currently a preschool teacher and going back to school to major in Biology. As much as I love working with kids, my passion for our oceans and marine life is so much stronger! I usually hold back from doing any sort of thing like this but I have this urge and drive to start making a difference whether its with the Ocean, marine mammal life, pollution, animals in general, or any issues we are facing right now. Not only do I want to educate myself more about the issues going on, I want to spread the word and hopefully get others involved and aware! I made a few life changes recently which one of them was me becoming a vegetarian! (possibly vegan soon) My eating habits have definitely changed and just in general starting to be healthier again! I will be sharing my daily/weekly routines, foods, exercises, and more!