BLOGMAS! Dec. 6th~Holiday Gift Ideas ~ For Him & Her


December 6th

Todays gift idea is from Lush! 💖

Lush bag .jpg

 Now this happens to be one of my favorite all natural beauty products. I’ve tried MANY cleaners and other facial beauty products from stores and it causes my skin to break out. So I’m cleaning my face but yet breaking out? NO THANKS!

I will post a couple options for Him & Her!

That’s the main reason why I switched to using lush products the majority of the time! I’m thinking of doing a complete separate post specifically about Lush products and the benefits from it so keep an eye out for that! You ready to see what I found? Here we go!

~Do you have a favorite lush product? Let me know in the comments below!~ 😍

 ~Gift For Her~

lush gift

Oh Christmas Tree- $39.99

One option for someone that loves Bath Bombs! You can always go in and of course pick out 4 on your own but this is a great idea if you have no idea what to look for or scents to pick out! You can never go wrong with some all natural bath bombs!

Click here for the direct link:

rosy cheeks mask

Rosy Cheeks Face Mask~ $12.95

If you like the smell of roses then you will love this one! This specific mask has to be refrigerated so keep that in mind when purchasing! These masks lasts about two weeks but there has been times where I’ve been able to use them a little longer!

Rosy Cheeks is beyond relaxing on the face especially because its cold from being in the fridge. I’ve tried a couple other masks and this one overall works best for my skin. If you don’t have pretty neutral skin (not too oily or too dry) then I recommend this one!

Click here for the direct link:

~Gift For Him~

lush products.jpg

Dirty Springwash~ $9.95

This stuff is AMAZING! Yes I have smelled it and it smells so fresh! I picked this one not only because I know what it smells like and LOVE IT but I also think it’s a good one to choose if you’re not entirely sure on what to get him! I found this in the mens section on BUT I personally have this for me and it can be for both men and women. I actually didn’t know this was technically listed in the “mens” section until now.. HAHA!

Click here for the direct link:

lush stash

Veerappan/Moustache Wax~ $17.95

That’s right! They have some paste for any men out there with mustaches! It’s not a big container but it can definitely last a while! I mean how much do you really need on your mustache per day? loL!

It is a little pricy but there’s one thing I’ve learned so far with being my boyfriend for almost 3 years is that men generally don’t care about the price as long as it’s a good product! Men’s beard and mustache products can be pricy I mean sometimes im shocked with how much something so small can cost but at the end of they day if the product is awesome then its well worth it!

Click here for the direct link:

That does it for todays suggestion of the day! If you haven’t tried lush I really recommend trying it out! ALL products are vegetarian and many of them are vegan!

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