Treasure Island Flea Market!

treasure island _6

This past Sunday my family and I went to the Treasure Island Flea Market and honestly it was so much fun! I didn’t know what to expect because this was our first visit to treasure island. Where do I begin!

treasure island _7

When we first arrived we had some free drink vouchers so OF COURSE we got our drinks first! lol! It was such a yummy Sangria. I love the idea of being able to walk around with a drink and shopping. Who doesn’t am I right??

treasure island _5

I also wasn’t expecting to see any vegan/vegetarian options BUT like I said, before going I had no idea what to expect. Now thinking about it, it makes sense that San Francisco would have more options like this.


I was so happy when I saw that they had an ALL VEGAN food truck!!! So I decided to order their veggie burger and holy moly it was amazing! There’s so many different ways to make a veggie burger. Cauliflower is a big ingredient that is more well-known for being in a veggie burger. I was also starving when we ate but still, the burger was great!

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They had so many different jewelry booths! I loved stopping and looking at each one. This booth in particular was kind of cool because they had a rock section which is the picture shown above this and currently I’m taking an Earth Science class and we are learning about minerals and rocks so being able to identify some was interesting!

treausre island _ jewelry

treausre island _ jewelry_1

Here’s another booth we stopped at! They jewelry she made was absolutely gorgeous especially the green stone you see in the picture above with the metal tree-like pattern! That was one of my favorites for sure and this picture captured just how pretty it is!

treasure island _11

There was a lady that mades these personalized signs! I wasn’t able to look at every single once because there were so many but I couldn’t help but snap a picture of one in particular! Can you guess which one it is??

Sea Gypsy 

So in love with it!! I didn’t buy it even though I should have… but it gave me an idea of a possible tattoo! If you know me, then you know how passionate I am about nature and marine biology and I have yet to get my first tattoo! I’m a chicken.. but I want to make sure I really love what I’m about to place on my body permanently!

treasure island _16

treasure island _15

I about freaked out when I saw succulents!! Over the last 6 months to maybe a year now I’ve become such a plant mom. I’ll have to do an update on my mini garden soon. Unfortunately a lot of it was getting eaten by caterpillars so there’s not much to show at the moment but hopefully soon! I have been buying more succulents and once I rearrange some that I have I will be sure to make a separate post for that!

6 succulents for $10 HELL YEAH! We’re able to pick out 6 smaller succulents for $10 and you basically DIY them yourselves. I’m on the look out for some cute ways to put them together. Pinterest is going to be my best friend for the next week! Do you have any cute plants or succulents at home? Show me! The more ideas, the better!

treasure island _8

The view was simply amazing. The flea market was right on the water so the weather was great! This alone was worth the trip!

treasure island


treasure island _2

For those who haven’t been to Treasure Island, There’s this freaking amazing spot where you can get the BEST photos! The city was right in the background and I couldn’t resist but take a few photos! Huge thank you to my lovely mama for taking some photos of me!


treausre island _1

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! 🌸