Taiji, Japan – Did You know?

Those of you that know me, you probably know what I’m about to talk about and my feelings behind it all. For the rest of you well, your going to hear it. And I don’t mean that in such a negative way either.  I have been waiting for the right time to make this post and share my opinions on this terrible issue!

Please keep in mind that I HATE to post such a negative post but it’s something that I’ve been following for a year now and I have to share it you! One of the MAIN REASONS why I started blogging to begin with was because I wanted to be able to share the GOOD and the BAD. This is a lifestyle blog and this specific topic has effected my life in a way. Unfortunately with a topic like this one, many people tend to not want to see it or purposely stay away from it just because we simply can’t stand to see this happening to animals.

As much as I would love to not have to post this or say this is what’s going on in the world, here I am. Why? Because I wouldn’t be typing this or caring about this subject matter if I didn’t truly love nature, our oceans, and all the marine life that exists! It just wouldn’t be ME if I sat here and ignored this shameful practice. PLEASE bare with me and I really hope you continue to keep reading.

DISCLAIMER! There will be pictures of “The Cove” posted below so please if you do not wish to see it, I suggest clicking out of this blog.

I strongly advise every single one of you to at least try and read what I have to say and learn about what’s going on in Taiji, Japan. It’s so very important that we help spread awareness!


ric o barry

Starting a post like this is really tough for me. Where do I even begin!

 I started following Ricin’s O’Barry’s Dolphin Project a little over a year ago. I can’t remember how I even came across their Facebook page but somehow I did and it’s forever stuck in my head. Before I get into it about the horror that’s taking place as we speak, I’ll give you a little back story on Ricin’s O’Barry’s Dolphin Project.

This  non-profit organization was founded by Ricin’s O’Barry on Earth Day in 1970. About 10 years before that, Richard was actually a Dolphin trainer at the Miami Seaquarium. He later realized that training them and making them do silly tricks was wrong. It wasn’t until the famous “Flipper” the dolphin died in his arms, to where he knew something had to change. Now I’m not going to get into his life too much because there’s an amazing timeline you can look at on the website plus a whole “About Ricin’s” tab you can check out to get more accurate info instead of me just repeating it all on here.

the cove

It wasn’t until 2003 when Ric himself visited the cove in Taiji Japan for the first time.  You may have seen a documentary called “The Cove” or at least heard of it I hope. A while back and by that I mean at least 5 years ago or so I remember seeing “The Cove” on Netflix and I thought “oh cool! another documentary about dolphins I can watch.”


Little did I know thats for damn sure… “The Cove” is a documentary mainly about showing you what’s going on in Taiji, Japan. There’s these “fisherman” and yes I said “fisherman” as in they are simply killers. I will do my best to hold back but I can’t promise much. If you’ve seen the actual footage or even the live feed on their Facebook page, it would be hard for you to say any kind things about these people.

I will tell you straight up, I didn’t finish the documentary the first time. There was a specific scene I vividly remember that got me hysterically crying and I couldn’t stop. I HAD to turn it off…. That scene played over and over again in my head and over time I tried so hard to forget it.

Now fast forward to I think a few years later, I watched it again on Netflix. This time I FORCED MYSELF to watch the entire thing. Of course I bawled my eyes out. It’s extremely hard for me to watch any movie that has animals involved. Let me paint you a better picture of how much I dislike movies with sad endings that involve animals… Ready? EVERY TIME I watch The Lion King, I cry when Mufasa dies. EVERY FLIPPING TIME!! I can’t handle that crap! lol!

Now that you have a better understanding of how emotional I can be, lets continue..

I’ve gone over a little about Rich’s foundation and The Cove documentary so let’s get into the issues a little deeper and I will now show some photos and possible links. At the very end I will provide links to everything such as their Facebook page and website. Please fill free to visit them especially their Facebook page because they go live and it’s not always for good reasons.

For this post I went on google and I was curious to see what exactly pops up when I type in Taiji Japan. Well here’s what pops up…

FullSizeRender 6

Not pretty right?!?!? It’s absolutely disgusting. Just seeing how bloody the water is, it’s terrible that something like this takes place. It honestly makes me sick to my stomach thinking that the people in Japan that know about this, don’t try and change it. How do they feel about these pictures being the first thing others see when googling their area?

I can probably go on for days and days about what goes on down there but now let’s go into the volunteers that fly down there for months at a time and document these terrible situations.

RIGHT NOW in Taiji, Japan there’re a few volunteers that go over there during the hunting seasons. Here are a couple you may recognize!

dolphin project

For those of you that don’t know who she is, she is Maisie Williams that plays Arya Stark in Game Of Thrones! She has been involved with The Dolphin Project by spreading the word and traveling there herself a few times as well!

harry styles - japan

Next we have Harry Styles! He has also been helping spread the word but I’m not quite sure if he’s visited Taiji, Japan yet.

There’s also Leilani Munter! I started following her around six months ago or so because recently visited Taiji Japan as a cove monitor and that’s where started to learn more about her. I had no idea she was a professional race car driver and environmental activist! how bad ass is that! And to top it off, she’s vegan! As you can see she helps promote The Cove on her car and outfit!

You can also see she did the same thing when BLACKFISH came out. Which that car looks bad ass by the way!

it’s amazing that more and more celebrities are now stepping in and trying to help us spread the word about what’s going on and try to make a difference. In the last year I’ve seen certain airlines completely refusing to transport dolphins which is so good!



I see many comments such as, “are we really making a difference by this?”


It may not seem like it is but trust me when I say that even the tiniest thing you may do, it makes a difference. If you reach out to 5 people about this issue, it makes a difference! That’s 5 more people that now know about it that didn’t before. You can spread the word through social media and we all know how fast that can spread! Another huge thing you can do is to head over to their Facebook page and ‘share’ the video’s whenever they go live on there!

What else can you do? You can also make donations or even try and volunteer! Yes, I know.. that may be asking for too much because I tried to consider it and thinking of what I could do to afford living their for months at a time and realistically I can’t.. Even if volunteering isn’t an option for you, there’s many ways you can be there for The Dolphin project. Show your support and be there for those cove monitors that are viewing this activity in front of their eyes and documenting every second of it to help educate people around the world!

thank you .jpg

I want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to read this post. I realize it may have been hard and maybe it even made you a little angry or upset but this is so important to me that I share this with as many people as I can.


Nature is my passion.

Marine Biology is my passion. 

These animals being slaughtered like they’re nothing, they are my passion. 

Link to the Dolphin Project Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RicOBarrysDolphinProject/