It’s pineapple time!

I received this amazing shirt a few weeks ago from a shop on Instagram called Pineapplez_ store!

I’ve been seeing so many of you out there that have been wearing a lot of pineapple clothing or accessories and maybe I jumped on the ban wagon too late, oh well!

I first have to say that if you want to order this shirt, I would suggest going a size bigger and I’m really thankful they did that for me! I’m normally a Medium with everything and when they sent me a large I thought hmmmmm…. BUT when I tried it on it fit perfectly! So keep that in mind!

This shirt was overall so comfortable! The fabric is sooooo soft and wasn’t too form fitting which I loved. I also worse a tank top underneath which honest you wouldn’t have to.  I generally wear a tank top or cami top underneath every shirt I wear.

Here’s a few pictures to show you more of what it looks like! I will post a link to their website below if you want to order yours!

OH!! Also keep in mind I am NO MODEL! As I continue to do my blog I am getting a little more comfortable actually getting my pictures taken. It’s a lot harder than it looks! Ugh I’m so used to taking the photos, not someone taking them of me. ANYWAYS, I hope you enjoy!

pinapple shirt


pinapple shirt _1


pinapple shirt _3


pinapple shirt _2


Huge THANK YOU for Pinapplez_store for sending this to me!

I posted the link below if you would like to check out their page! They also have more cool pineapple decorative products such as super cute pillows, jewelry, hats, and MORE!


pinapplez_store LINK:


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope to see you back in my next post!