A Sign?

Here’s a little update on my school schedule and then ill get into the point of this random post.

I started fall semester day and boy was I nervous!

I was on the waiting list for a Speech class that I was going to technically be taking on my lunch breaks on Mondays and Wednesday BUT unfortunately the class was almost full and only 2 out of 14 people on the waiting list made it in… Is it unfortunate?

its a sign

I was so bummed out when I knew I wasn’t going to make it in the class… After thinking about it more and more this morning I was thinking to myself how maybe it was the best thing for me right now to NOT take that class. Here’s the thing, I have a tendency to add so much on my plate to where I’m constantly on the go 24/7! At this point I’m so used to it where I don’t realize it all that much when I’m busy busy busy.

Instead of feeling crappy or disappointed that I didn’t make it into the class, I decided to think about it all from a different perspective. What if it was a sign telling me, “HEY Kirstie, CALM THE HELL DOWN!”


But seriously! Sign or no sign, I see it as a good thing. I’m still taking 10 units while working full-time.

Another reason why I see it as a positive thing is that after going to my Earth Science class last night, I’m going to have to put in a little more time than I thought for this class alone plus I’m still taking English and an online class.

My hands are full this semester!

I guess the point of this is that although specific things in your life may not go as planned, remember that you can always and I mean ALWAYS find some positive outcome from it. It may be hard to put yourself in that mindset because trust me I know we might be really upset or pissed off at everything and at everyone and the LAST thing you want to do is be happy but please TRY! Is it going to kill you to TRY???

There’re so many good things currently happening in my life right now and honestly I feel guilty at times if I start complaining about something so small (of course at the time it does’t feel small).

Next time you come across a similar situation to mine or something different, stop and think about it from a different aspect and go from there!

This was just a random thought that came to mind about what I went through this week and thought I’d share! โฃ๏ธ