Back to School – Fall Semester! ๐Ÿ“š

This Monday, 8/27/17 I officially start my fall semester in college! Is weird that I’m excited? I’m not going to lie, ever since I started school again last fall 2016, I get pretty stoked for every semester. I’m at a point in my life where I take going back to school very seriously. I waited many years for the opportunity to finally go back so I will NOT be wasting it! This semester is going to be my busiest! I registered for 13 units you guys… For me that’s a lot to take on because I still work full time and try to have a social life of course. The last couple semesters, I never went over 12 units just because I’m limited on the hours for classes I can choose from. I can only take evening or online classes. I prefer to be in a classroom over an online class BUT it also depends on the class.

This semester I’m taking:

  • Intro to Human Communication
  • English- Creative Writing
  • Intro to World Music
  • Earth Science

As of right now I’m still in the process of getting my general-ed done but at the same time I’m taking specific classes that are transferable to a 4 year.

With all of that being said, I did a little school shopping so I decided to show you all what I got!


back to school photos.jpg

I bought this back pack at Target! I went out and got this last year right before my first semester started. I’m still obsessed with the style and design! Also since it’s still in almost perfect condition I figured there was no need to buy another.

back to school photos_2

Another item I’ve had since last December is my MacBook Pro! I can’t tell you guys enough how much I’ve used this laptop since I bought it. One of the best purchases I’ve made in the last year! I LOVE IT!

All three of these binders are from my previous semesters but just like my backpack, I kept them in pretty good condition so I decided for now I didn’t need to get anymore.. Depending how my first week goes I’ll be able to see if I need more or not. BTW all are from Target โค๏ธ

The MAIN items I went a little crazy on was buying notebooks! I’m 100% note taker and I HAVE to have paper and pens on me at all time! As much as I love my MacBook Pro, you can never go wrong with some pen and paper!

Confession? Even after buying my MacBook I of course used it non stop but I was hesitant on using it during class because well… like I said, I love writing things down. It wasn’t until spring semester in my history class to where I brought my laptop with me because all he did was lecture for three hours straight! I could only write so much before my hands started to cramp soooo that’s when I resorted to typing more. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Annnnnnd another notebook! HAHA. I only got one three subject for my Earth Science class. This teal color though!! So cute! Honestly it was the deal breaker to buying it! Oh and it was the last one.

back to school photos_7.jpg

These are the last notebooks I bought I promise! I normally buy a few smaller notebooks for extra paper to pull out quickly in class or to use as scratch paper.

back to school photos_3

I really didn’t NEED to buy pens and highlighters but I like to start fresh especially with this next semester! I’m probably going to have to buy some pencils but when I went they were almost out of a lot of things. I’ll probably have to make one more trip after school starts anyway!

back to school photos_11

I HAD ย to show you all this drawing book I got a while ago! Feeling stressed out? I’ve been seeing many people use this as a stress reliever. I was at Hobby Lobby and saw this drawing book and I immediately LOVED IT!

I mean come on it’s perfect for me! Marine animals? Ocean themed? PERFECT! Oh! And if you look at the top it says it’s by Johanna Basford, my last name is Basford! I didn’t even notice it until I was in line. CRAZY! HAHAHA I know it’s probably me being a dork but I thought it was pretty cool. Plus I don’t see my last name anywhere.

back to school photos_12ย I recently receieved these metallic pens from one of my students as a gift! I have yet to use them but I’m really excited to!

back to school photos_13

I might not put this in my backpack everyday BUT drawing in here is really relaxing! There’s nothing wrong with going out and finding a coloring book like this! Honestly they’re everywhere now and so many different kinds!

That is all I have for my back to School haul! I’m always pumped to get back into the new semester even though yes, I’m going to get overwhelmed and stressed out, it’s still so worth it!

What did you buy for back to School? Is there something you HAVE to have with you? Let me know!

See you all next time โ˜บ๏ธ