Bucket List #2- ALASKA



Here’s #2 on my bucket list! There’yre specific reasons why I have been so intrigued with Alaska. The views are fantastic! Before I get too carried away let’s just start talking about what you can do in Alaska!

1. Whale watching



Whale Watching, Juneau Shore

WHALE WATCHING! Like I’ve already mentioned in my #1 Ireland post, I am in love with humpback whales! Everything about them is beyond fascinating to me. I love marine life in general so interesting but I have a special place in my heart for these beautiful animals. I have seen videos like  A LOT of videos of humpback whales Bubble-Net feeding in Alaska and I am just dying to see it up close and personal! Bubble-Net feeding, to me at least, is just an amazing way that Humpback whales can feed.


Bubble Netting (feeding)

Here’s a photo I was able to snag off of google images to better show you how it works. Now because of my cray cray fascination with these animals I’m thinking of doing a separate post on all about them so I don’t want to go into too much detail about them here since really this is about my bucket list BUT the reason why I can’t help myself at the moment (LOL) is because this was WHY I wanted to go to Alaska in the first place. After seeing videos about this, I was wanting to do more research about Alaska in general and that lead me into wanting to visit for other reasons of course. Keep an eye out for another post about Humpback whales if you want to read more about them!


2. Northern Lights


northern lights #3

Northern Lights

Look how GORGEOUS this is! I also found out that you can see the Northern Lights in Ireland as well so that’s why I posted it in my #1 post so go check that out if you haven’t already! I Initially had seen pictures and videos from Alaska so that’s ANOTHER reason why I have been so interested in visiting Alaska and seeing this for myself! Have you seen the Northern lights? Not entirely sure if you can post pictures in the comments but if you are able to do so I would LOVE to see any photos you have! Seriously!


3. Hiking

Next up, hiking trails! I found a few hiking trails even though there are so many to choose from!


Lost Lake

This specific trail is called the Lost Trail. It says the distance for this one is 7.3 miles. That’s A LOT of walking! You begin in a beautiful rainforest and eventually you will hit beautiful lakes in high meadows!







The Hand Tram

Winter Creek Trail! First off the pictures I found how simply breathtaking and honestly just looking at them made me feel way more relaxed already! BUT then I saw this! If you take this trail on foot you will be walking about 3 miles and that’s if your taking the lower trail. In this picture its showing The Hand Tram! I would be so scared but so excited at the same time! Would you do this? This trail has other options you can take. The higher trail which is about 9 miles total and of course on a bike.




4. Zip Lining



zip lining alaska.jpg

Zip Lining


Zip line in Alaska! It says that you can zip line through the canopy in Alaska, how cool is that? I’ve been wanting to do zip lining for a while and I would lOVE to be able to do it here!




5. The Upside Forest


Alaska: upside down agrden .jpg

The Upside Forest of Mendenhall Gardens- Juneau, Alaska


How gorgeous is this! I had no idea there was a place like this that existed! I looked up more info and photos of this place and it is absolutely breathtaking! I can only imagine how long I would be here just taking a million photos!





These are just a few from many things I have seen so far that I would love to experience when going to Alaska. Have you been? If so, what else if there to do? And if you haven’t been, where would you want to visit?

See you next time!


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