What’s in the Water? Wednesday!

I’ve been having a few complications this week with my posts so that’s the reason why this is posted today. This is going to be just a fun post I wanted to do. I went whale watching a few weeks ago and it was AMAZING! I have been whale watching 4 times all in Monterey CA. This trip was the best one yet! The last 2 trips were in the off-season and we barely saw any whales at all. The best time to see Humpback Whales are in the summer here! There’s many different species you can see all year-long BUT during the summer time here in California, it’s really the best time to see them all! Here’s just a few out of the hundreds I took that day! Enjoy 😊


whale watching_ seal picture.jpg

Snapped a picture of a seal on our way out!


jelly fish .jpg

Here are some Egg-Yolk jelly fish! EVERY TIME I looked down they were everywhere! I also saw some white colored jellies in there but I’m not exactly sure on what kind they were.


whale watching

Did you know that a whales flukes (tail) is like their fingerprint? Every single one is different. I posted facts about humpback whales in one of my other posts.


This was the very FIRST time I had ever experienced lunge feeding in front of my own eyes! I was beyond ecstatic to see this behavior!

whale watching _6


whale watching _7


whale watching _4


whale watching _5

This was the closest they got to the boat!


I had a blast! I can’t even tell you how amazing it was to get so close and hear specific noises they make. It’s experiences like this one that keep me motivated and inspired to continue school and it makes me look forward to what the future holds for me!

Have you ever been whale watching? How was your experience and where did you go? what did you see? Let me know!

See you next Wednesday!


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