6 Week Gym Guide // #SWEATWITHSAV Week 1 & 2


WELCOME to my update on week 1 & 2 of  my 6 week gym guide! I will be updating on my meals, healthy eating tips, along with some fitness tips! I might not include every detail but you will get the idea.

There’s many reasons why I’m beyond excited to start this challenge. For starters one of my main goals I want to come from this is gaining more self-love for myself. It’s been years since I’ve been able to look in a mirror and think positive about what I look like or how I feel. I have good and bad days. Some I might feel amazing and others not so much. It’s honestly mentally draining to feel that way all the time. Another goal which this one goes along with self-love is I want to look healthier on the outside and be healthier on the inside! I can’t wait until the day where I can wear a bathing suit to the beach and not be so self-concious about my gut hanging out or how big my arms are.. That’s a main reason I barely post any pics of my face or body anymore. I’m simply not proud of it. Well I’m sitting here saying that’s all going to change starting with this challenge! I’M DONE feeling that way! I would love for you all to follow me on my journey! ALSO to get faster updates, click the FOLLOW button to receive notifications right away when I have a new post up!


Even though the challenge starts on Monday I still wanted to share with you what we cooked on Sunday for meal prep!


I found this vegan recipe on Pinterest and it was yummy! Super cheap and easy to make!


Along with the potatoes and asparagus I added tofu in my meal for the FIRST TIME! It was pretty yummy but I’m going to try different recipes for the tofu for sure.


Breakfast time! I got to work and made myself a yummy smoothie! I make these pretty often in the mornings before starting my day so this has been something I’ve been making for a while now. I have a smoothie recipe up if you’d like to check out the ingredients! Here’s the link 💙


You can add or take away ingredients if you wish based on preference! I do recommend adding some type of greens to your smoothie especially spinach! You can’t even taste it I promise!


Also because I meal prepped I had the almost the same lunch everyday so I will not be posting a picture everyday of my meals unless of course it’s different.


Stay hydrated! 


From day 1 I have been trying to drink more and more water. It’s crazy how you can easily forget to drink water daily! A while back I was drinking my smoothies in the mornings and it would last a little while and I noticed that I wasn’t drinking enough water through out the day along with overall eating healthier. DRINK WATER PEOPLE! It’s important!




Week 2 

I didn’t really explain it in the intro but I’m going on week 2 with a really bad cough. Now at first I really thought it was a little thing and that’s it. WRONG! I mean seriously now it’s worse and I now get why I had NO ENERGY last week. Honestly the first week sucked for me…. My meals and snacking through out the day was awesome. No problem! But I realized I had no energy to give in my workouts and apparently this cough/illness is taking a toll on my body.


Last week I LOVED the meal prep we made so I decided to make it again for my lunch! I didn’t make it for the entire week but I made some for dinner and had some leftover with some peppers I cooked as well. How yummy does it look!!??


I honestly can’t even remember the last time I had Jamba Juice! My mom happened to get something and asked if I wanted anything and that morning I didn’t have my smoothie so I figured SURE WHY NOT! This was some type of kale & apple smoothie. To be completely honest I’m not a huge fan of apples in general but I still finished it!


During week 2 I tried to drink a smoothie at least once a day! Either in the mornings or when I get home. I have a recipe on my website as well if you want to check it out!


Sunday we had a Porchfest festival in my parents neighborhood for the first time so my mom and I decided to go! I felt super confident which even with my cough and being sick I didn’t want to sit at home and do nothing. So I went out for about an hour or so and then met up with my boyfriend and his family for dinner and to watch Game of Thrones!  (we do it every Sunday)

My workout for this week was a whole lot better but still didn’t fully get all my energy back. I basically had to push myself HARD to get a good workout in. I can tell that my body still needed a lot of rest which sucked! lol I hate the feeling of wanted to go the extra mile but your body can’t physically take it. I was disappointed the first week with my workouts and I didn’t want to feel that way again. BUT this time I just allowed myself to get rest along with some workouts through out the week following Savsmiles workouts!


Keep any eye out for week 3 & 4 next week!

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