What’s in the Water? Wednesday! ~Plastic Pollution

If you’ve read a few of my previous posts then you already know how I feel about our oceans. If your new to my blog then let me tell you briefly how I feel. There’s something about the ocean that is intriguing to me. It brings joy and excitement to my life! I can’t fully express my passion for it to all of you just because I really can’t fully explain it myself either. All I know is, is that taking care of our oceans and learning about everything underneath the sea is my passion and it is what I’m meant to do. Have you ever had that gut feeling?

Thinking back to when I was younger I didn’t live down the street from the beach. I wasn’t one of those kids that was constantly in the water or finding whatever I could in the sand. I grew up about an hour and a half away from the closest beach. If you ask me, “how did you get into all of this?” I wouldn’t know how to answer that to be completely honest but what I do know is that my goal is to help educate others that don’t know too much about our oceans and marine life and how it can affect us on land. That’s one of the main reasons why I started this blog! Not only am I changing my lifestyle habits by eating healthier, starting my fitness journey, and becoming more eco-friendly, I’m also wanting to share my passion with others!

Now that you know a bit more on what I love to do and what my passion is, here’s a little more insight on WHAT is found in our oceans or on beaches and HOW it’s causing a negative impact on our planet..

*I do not take credit for these photo’s unless I specifically say they were from me* 

Here’s a sad example of where just some of plastic particles go. It’s very common for birds to eat tiny plastic pieces each day along the beach or even floating in the water. They have eat fish who are eating plastic as well… It’s a terrible cycle.. This is becoming more of a problem and unfortunately this is how these innocent animals are dying.

bird with plastic

It amazes me (not in a good way), that we don’t fully realize how much damage we are causing to the environment and to ourselves.

ocean plastic

I feel like I can speak for a lot of people when I say that most of us love visiting the beach right?? We love the views, going with family and friends, the weather is always perfect, and in general spending time at the beach is fun but for someone like me I also see it as a peaceful place. Why would we want to ruin such a beautiful place we love to visit so often?

coral reef and plastic

The corals beneath the water are breathtaking! Can you see what’s wrong with this picture?  HINT: It’s not the coral reef.. Just because you can’t see all the trash doesn’t mean it’s not there being carried away with the waves. In our current society I feel like just because we don’t see it then apparently it doesn’t exist. WRONG! The problem is still there you guys! Whether you see it right in front of you or not, it’s there. Plastic bags and other debris are floating everywhere in our oceans and trust me that’s not the only type of plastic in the sea.


Do you see it? 

jelly fish and plastic bags.jpg

See the difference? You may see it but a turtle and other marine animals don’t! When turtles end up eating plastic bags, their bodies can’t digest it which causes them to become ill and eventually die. I doubt we would all feel comfortable with a plastic bag in our stomachs.

Here are more pictures of how plastic pollution marine life…

plastic pollution on a seal


turtle plastic pollution


plastic polltuion


sting ray plastic




Whale entanglment


If I can change one persons mind on using less plastics or changing other lifestyle ways to help our planet, then I would say this post alone was a success! It’s unfortunate that these issues have to come up in the first place. Is there anything specific you do?

There’re many ways YOU can make a difference! How?

  • You can start by using more products like stainless steel or glass instead of plastic. The chemicals in plastic get released into the oceans which can kill the coral reefs and get into the fish we eat and who eats fish? Yep, billions of people around the world. I know one things for sure, I don’t want any nasty chemicals and plastic particles in my body!
  • Picking up after yourself! Be sure no matter where you go, leave nothing behind! It’s very important that when you visit any place, you do not leave a trace behind. Why? well for starters we don’t want to pollute any area we list and second, leaving food or debris behind is not good for the environment and the animals in that area.
  • Volunteer! Find a local clean up group especially if you live near the coast! If not, you can always pick up trash along the sides of the roads or find some parks! TRSUT ME there’s trash everywhere!
  • You can always start composting! I haven’t yet because I live in an apartment and I have a small patio so that’s going to have to wait until we move into something bigger.
  • When grocery shopping use ECO-FRIENDLY bags! I use them for buying produce and also our rice and beans!
  • Store your rice, beans, and nuts, in glass jars! We buy most of our things in bulk and store them in glass containers.
  • Do you meal prep??? Use glass! I probably sound like a broken record but plastic is not good for anyone! Especially when your heating up your plastic containers your slowly releasing chemicals into the space thats holding tour yummy food! NO THANKS!

plastic sushi


I hope that this post was at least educational to some of you out there. I wasn’t able to cover as much as I wanted to just because there’s MANY issues regarding plastic pollution and it will definitely take more than one post!

See you all next Wednesday! Please don’t hesitate to respond to this or any of my posts! I love being able to interact with all of you and get some feedback!

See you next Wednesday!


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