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I want to start off my Monday with some good vibes, don’t you?! Can you think of a better way to start of your week? One of the main reasons why I started this blog is because I truly LOVE it. I enjoy being able to share my lifestyle with all of you and at the same time I get to fully express myself and show what I love and what my passions are!

I completely understand we all get worked up from work, school, having kids, pets, or whatever it may be, we all get stressed out at some point of the day… I am going to be  💯 honest with you when I say that I complain A LOT! I’m not proud of it… Especially in the last two weeks I’ve been catching myself complaining non-stop. Then I ask myself, WHY?? What is soooo bad that I have to complain about so much? Is my life that bad? Then at that point I tell myself to shut the hell up because I don’t have a bad life and I need to change my mindset a tad bit. I’m definitely ready to change how I think on a daily basis. Does that mean I will never complain again? Eh, I doubt it lol! BUT I know for a fact that I have not much to complain about when It comes to my life. Which leads into my idea for my blog.

Want to join me? EVERY Monday I’m going to post something positive on here. You can even take out a notebook or a journal and write 1 positive thing every Monday or even everyday if you want! There’s NO wrong way to do this I promise. I’m going to talk about one thing each week specifically about something I truly am grateful for, something good that I have going for me, or even something small that I feel is positive and I want to share ☺️

I may just have a small post one week and maybe a longer one the next. I want to have fun with this so I DON’T CARE about how short or long I make these. This is a way for me to open my eyes a bit and to start off my week with only positive vibes and I hope that this helps any of you too!


i love blogging


For this Monday I’m going to start it off by say how amazing blogging! It wasn’t so great at first which I will explain more in detail what I mean by that but because of everything I went through, it’s why I’m so thankful for it all now!

When I first started I thought you had to blog a certain way or you have to have content that everyone else will like even if that means you don’t like it all that much. I also thought that people with lots of money would obviously get more views and followers. WRONG! I mean yes, in some cases it can happen due to many reasons but answer me this, if you have all the money in the world but yet you don’t enjoy the content you post for your followers, is it worth it in the end?? I personality don’t think so. Because of the mindset I had, that alone discouraged me from continuing my blog. I eventually felt so much pressure to have a perfect blog, I completely stopped it all together… Which was really upsetting because I wanted to blog so badly but yet I felt completely lost and thought maybe it wasn’t for me..

After some time I started to rethink how I wanted to present my blog to others but would also be something I could love. I then decided that why not just make it about my lifestyle? Even then I was starting to over think it and almost immediately told myself that it wasn’t a good idea.. I thought that because I love marine life animals, our oceans, our enviroment, and because I was going to school for Marine Biology that I HAD to blog about it. WRONG AGAIN! I love the fact that I can share my lifestyle with all you. I love that I can share healthy recipes, fashion sales, and other things I truly think it’s fun and I enjoy posting! OF COURSE I still post enviromental issues and solutions and and I post about marine life because that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to start a blog. Is that all I want to post? NO, but it’s what got me started in the first place!

 Another reason why I love it so much is because it has made me not over think everything as much. I am the first one to overthink EVERYTHING! My boyfriend would agree and probably roll his eyes and laugh because it’s SO TRUE! 😂 In some ways it can be a good thing but in others, not so great. Blogging has really helped me with that. One other thing it has taught me overtime is that IT TAKES TIME! Be patient!! I can’t stress that enough. Here I was in the past, worried about how many followers I had or wanted to have posts up all the time but yet I wasn’t able to think of any post ideas because of all the pressure I was putting on myself. You will not get far with that mindset!

Love every single blog post you publish and people will see how passionate you really are!

Believe me when I say if you work hard for it and show your true self, people will love you and your blog! In the end, you will most likely not get the outcome you were hoping for and I would hate to see that happen to anyone that is truly passionate about blogging!

OMG the woman in shock

Just from blogging more consistent in the last month or so, I have noticed that am starting to let loose a bit more and that has allowed me to start posts that I truly love posting such as my ‘Fashion Finds’ posts and my ‘What’s in the Water? Wednesday!’ posts! Be sure to check those out if you haven’t already!

thankful and grateful

I am grateful for the followers I have on my social media along with this blog. It may not be much but it means the world to me that you are all taking the time to read this and my other posts! I’m also loving all the interaction on my blog. I LOVE reading the comments and having a conversation with you so please don’t hesitate to comment below! I’ve met a handful of other bloggers too that have been so kind and willing to chat  which is awesome! This community I have growing here is incredible and I hope to see more and more faces on here overtime!


what are tou thankful for?

Now you tell me, what are you thankful for? It can be anything big or small! I would love to hear your responses. Stay tuned for next week! Until then, I hope you all have a fantastic Monday and a great rest of your week!

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