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Fashion Finds

I am in no way a fashionista lol! I have lately been cleaning out wardrobe and trying hard to get out of my comfort zone with different clothes and adding accessories. I’m the type to wear jeans with a sweater and with boots or flip-flops. I lOVE fall because I get to wear those types of outfits and honestly who doesn’t love the fall weather??

Another reason why I think I never liked to have such a cute wardrobe is because I very rarely feel comfortable in my own skin. 90% of the time I would see myself in the mirror and I wouldn’t be satisfied with how I looked. I either looked too chubby in the waist region or I thought my arms looked too big. Now that I have been working out I feel a bit better than I did before. It takes time but the outcome from my healthier lifestyle is just wanting to feel and look healthier. Also I feel like a huge part of being happy is having self-love. I will truthfully say I don’t have much of it. I still have my days because I’m not going to get fit over night but slowly but surely I’ll get there!

I did a 4th of July SALE post about all kinds of clothes that were on sale at a few stores and I had so much fun with it! Doing posts like these honestly help me open my eyes a bit to what’s out there and what I CAN wear if I allow myself to open up a bit! With that being said, lets see what I found!




romper (target)
SALE- $19.58

HOW CUTE IS THIS! I have yet to buy a perfect romper for me… I see them everywhere and when I try them on in some way they won’t fit me. I remember I find ONE a while back ago and it was PERFECT! But…. I wasn’t able to get it because someone messed up the string on it so there goes that.. I didn’t know how hard it would be to find one that fits my body type. Do you ever have that issue too? Any recommendations on a specific brand? let me know!


target floral top
SALE- $20.98

I’m loving all these floral tops! The first thing that stood out to me was the torquois color!  I feel like you can dress this up and down.

  • Capris with flip-flops
  • Jeans with wedges


target shoes on sale
SALE- $21.24

I posted a similar shoe that target had on sale for the 4th of July sales. I’m a sucker when it comes to cute flats! I like the hole design on them because it makes it stand out a bit more and doesn’t make it look so plain. I will admit that I don’t normally like to spend a huge amount of money on shoes. I’ve never been a shoe lover like my grandmother BUT this is a great price and the last time I bought flats from target, they lasted me a couple of years and that’s with wearing them ALL THE TIME!


target purse
SALE- $44.98

What better way to add style to your outfit than getting this purse! IN LOVE! A good amount of my purse are ones to where I can hang on the side of my body. There’s a few I have that are just over the shoulder but my preference most of the time is a side purse. What makes this even better is that it’s perfect for almost ANY outfit!


tagret workout clothes
SALE- $19.58

Here’s one more from target! I can’t end my target sale list without including some type of active wear duh! The only thing I would change about these would be that they went to mid-calf region and not all the way down the ankles. I’m a short girl and I tend to stay away from workout pants that go all the way down. Most of the time they are too long and they bunch up around my ankle and it look odd lol but other than that I love these! My favorite part is how it’s high-waisted! What do you think?




express shorts
SALE- $38.43

It’s summer and I have yet to post a pair of shorts on here so here we go! Can you guess why I love this pair of shorts? They’re high-waisted! I love denim shorts and honestly I’m on the look out for new ones! Confession time.. In the past I really would very rarely wear shorts. Like I mentioned before, I’m a jean and sweater kind of girl lol! But over the last couple years I started to venture out to wearing cute shorts. OH and my legs are white as heck! I swear I miss the days to where I could tan so easily.. Anyways, I’m loving these shorts!


low rise shorts:express
SALE- $38.43

Here is another denim pair but these are low-rise with rolled cutoffs on the bottom. These are also the same price as the high-waisted so it really comes down to preference!


express shoes
SALE- $29.95

Officially in love! I would love this strap wedge sandal in every color please! What do you think?


express romper.jpg
SALE- $41.94

There’s something about this romper that caught my eye. I don’t know if it’s the colors or maybe it’s because I’ve never seen a romper with this print before so to me it stood out! Different right?


express dress
SALE- $52.80

OH MY GOSH! Love! I can see this also being either dressed up or dressed down a little too. So many different kinds of heels and sandals could go with this!



HM shoulder bag
SALE- $14.99 

I love shoulder bags! The majority of purses I have now are shoulder/waist bags. I like the feeling of them rather than carrying a purse strictly on my shoulder. When they hang down my waist area I feel like my hands are more free to do whatever when I’m out and about. ALSO I don’t know about you but I’ve always disliked the feeling of my purses falling off my shoulder so easily when bending down to get something! Is that a silly reason? lol I can’t be the only one. Overall I like the shoulder/waist bags because they are adorable plus it feels more secure on me. They also have this purse in other colors such as black and tan!


romper express

SALE- $17.99

First off the price for this jumpsuit is awesome! As I was posting this picture I kind of giggled to myself because here I am posting a bunch of dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits but yet I only own just a few dresses lol.. BUT that’s one of the reasons why I am really enjoying doing these posts because it has been making me want to go out and change my wardrobe a bit! Ok, I normally stay away from anything white. Why? Because I just lazy to be quite honest! I’ve never liked washing whites and to this day I just don’t like it.. My boyfriend separates ALL of his clothes and well then there’s me.. 😂

earing express.jpg
SALE- $3.99 

I have been buying earrings like crazy lately! I personally feel like even if I don’t get all dolled up for the day, I can put on a cute pair of stud earrings and it kind of makes the outfit look just a tad bit better! I go to work a lot of times without any makeup so throwing on a pair just feels a little better! There’re are specific earrings that I can’t wear due how sensitive my ears are so I’m curious how these would be. With being on the cheaper side, they might not be so great for anyone that has sensitive ears BUT you never know! It’s definitely worth a try!


scarf express.jpg
SALE- $9.99

I know it summer and hot as hell here in California but I HAD to share this adorable scarf! Why not get a heads start on fall clothes shopping am I right?! I go broke when it’s time to start getting new fall/winter clothes that’s for sure! HAHA


blouse express.jpg

SALE- $5.99

I’ve been obsessed with the sleeveless style shirts like this! I posted one just like this on my 4th of July SALE blog post as well! LOVE!


I don’t want to make these too long so that’s why I’ve been sticking with three stores to post. Want to see more? Do you have any specific stores/brand that you want updates on sales?? Let me know!

So far doing these posts have been a lot of fun and I really hope you enjoyed it and hopefully didn’t miss out on some pretty good deals! See y’all next time!


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