What’s in the Water? Wednesday! ~Coral Reefs

What’s in the Water? Wednesday!

Coral Reefs

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This Wednesday I really want to talk about coral reefs. I have always been intrigued by the beauty in coral reefs! Not only are they beneficial to the life under the sea waters, but they are also helpful towards our daily lives.

First, can we please take a moment to view these amazing reefs!

coral reefss.jpg



One thing I have been dying to do is scuba diving! BUCKET LIST! I can only imagine that seeing corals like these up close are breath-taking and really do these pictures no justice whatsoever!


Coral reefs are perfect for fish to use as homes and shelter!

fish eggs .jpg

Because of how protected corals can be, many species of fish will lay their eggs in them to keep away from predators!

Coral reefs can also be known as ‘Barriers’. Why? Wellllll they help with the wave movement during storms or any time the waves are stronger. They help slow it down a bit. By doing this they are able to help animal life on land as well as sea life. It’s so fascinating to think that something so ‘simple’ looking can be so beneficial in a lot of ways! The reason why I say they look ‘simple’ looking is because unfortunately I don’t believe people see the importance other than how beautiful they look. To ME they are more than just ‘simple’ looking but to others it may seem that way. That’s one of the reasons why I am making thus post in the first place! I want others to see how beneficial they are to us and marine life and I also want to share how they are being destroyed…

corsl reef bleeching.jpg

This is a picture of Coral Bleaching. On the right side is what it looks like when its healthy and on the left is coral bleaching. Sadly a lot of coral reefs are dying more and more everyday. Here are some things that are causing coral bleaching.

coral bleeching









1.  Warmer temperatures-  This causes stress on the coral and they start to lose algae which causes the coral to turn white. They can bounce back but some do not.

2. Underwater activities- Such as over fishing. Many fisherman drag fishing nets along the bottom and eventually get caught on coral reefs and break them off.

3. A chemical called Oxybenzone- This chemical is common in most sunscreens AND cosmetic products! I did a report on coral bleaching for my English class last semester and I specifically learned more about Oxybenzone and how bad it is for the corals. It’s insane on how many products this chemical is in!

4. Chemicals from plastics- Chemicals from plastic debris can cause a lot of destruction to our coral ecosystem.

5. Sewage & Agriculture- The sewage run off from cattle and other farm animals as well as humans of course, are causing harm to our corals. Most run-offs go into the ocean which I find disgusting. All the chemicals we use these days are impacting our oceans in a negative way.

Our oceans are our lifeline. We often sit on the beach, take pictures of the ocean, ride the waves, and drive hours just to see it.. Why would we want to ruin such a beautiful thing?  The Ocean and everything underneath gives us LIFE! I can’t tell you how many documentaries I’ve seen and now it seems like every single one has something to do with our plastic pollution and how it’s affecting the ocean and marine life BADLY…


YOU can help make by picking up any trash you. Not using sunscreen with Oxybenzone. Use as less plastic as possible! I started using more glass products instead of plastic. Not only is using plastic bad for the environment but it’s also not so great for our bodies too!


I hope this post encourages others to help make a difference for our planet! Over the last year or so I’ve been changing my lifestyle to better myself and the environment around us! How are you making a difference? Let me know! Until next Wednesday!

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