Vegan Cuts Unboxing!

Vegan Cuts 

I have been wanting to try a subscription box for a while now and I came across Vegan Cuts. I’ve been doing my own research on what’s more on the inexpensive side but I also wanted to make sure I received good products and a decent amount. A few weeks ago I had seen this box online and it was $30. I just said what the hell and got it!

I Didn’t subscribe monthly yet because I did want to try out the brand and the products first so yes you can subscribe monthly OR purchase one box, see how much you like it, and then decide from there if you wish to continue it or not. Keep in mind this is basically ;just an unboxing. I have only tried a few of these products and others I have not. Also keep in mind this is NOT sponsored and these are simply my own opinions about each product! Let’s get started!!


Fuji Apple: First off if you LOVE apple then you will love the Fuji Apple dried fruit pieces. I don’t mind apples in general but I have never been a huge fan of them dried so this product wasn’t;t bad in any way, just not for me!

Granola: I LOVE granola in cereal or even my smoothies! This vegan granola was amazing and definitely recommend it for a healthy snack to have throughout the day!

Maple Bacon Flavored Almonds: I will admit that I was hesitant on trying these 😂 Maple and bacon together? yeah I don’t know about that…. It was surprisingly not too bad! Maybe it was because I was expecting so much worse lol! I don’t think would be something I would buy on my own or something I would crave but overall not bad!



NeatEgg: I was soooooo excited to see this in my box! I still have yet to try it but I thought it was awesome that they included this in their box! The main reason why I wanted to buy a box in the first place was because I want to find other food products out there that are vegan. I realized that they’re brands or products that are what they call ‘Accidental Vegan’ which means the product was always vegan with not having the intentions of being that way such as Oreos! I am very excited to try this egg substitute product and I will let you know how it is! You can always follow me on Instagram for more updates on certain things I may not post on here later on!




Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels: I think I ate half the bag in one day! SO GOOD! When I ate the first I could tell there was a little difference between a regular caramel candy and this one but not in a bad way at all! I think I would prefer this kind from now on. I want to see what other kinds they make as well!



Oatmeal: Oatmeal and I have a love hate relationship… I love it because it’s so damn healthy but I hate it at other times because there’re moments where I would rather have a yummy bagel! I will be trying this because I am way more open to trying new things than I used to be so keep an eye out on my Instagram for an update!

Soup: This is also something I am very curious about and I’m hoping it’s good!



Nutiva: Here’s the last snack product I received in my box. Doesn’t it remind you of Nutella right away? How could you not love coco and hazelnut! I give this product and A+ because really you can’t go wrong with it! Unless of course you don’t like sweets or chocolate at all…. how?…. Just kidding! No judging here! Have you tried it? let me know below If you have!



Sense Shampoo & Conditioner: The fragrance of these is very light but also has a nice elegant smell to it. The packaging looks nice as well! In many of these vegan items, they overall have a lighter feel to them. Less chemicals are being placed in them so I guess that would make sense on why it would feel lighter. Same thing with the chapstick  down below and the toothpaste which I explain more down below!



Crazy Rumors (ChapStick): Before I even talk about this chapstick I am first going to point out how much I am obsessed with having to have chapstick on me at ALL TIMES! I just have to! I constantly looking for vegan chapsticks so the fact that this came into my box.. YESSSSSSS! I can’t be the only one that HAS to have chapstick at all times right?! When I say at all times I mean, in my purse, my apron at work, and at home somewhere. I may be crazy BUT at least my lips are always moisturized!

Oral Essentials (toothpaste): I found this toothpaste pretty amazing actually! I mean toothpaste is toothpaste but the texture it a bit different from regular. To me it doesn’t seem as thick as a regular tube would be. I honestly can’t explain much more of a difference between regular toothpaste and this brand but I will say that I WOULD get this again because really why wants to put more chemicals into your mouth plus it’s vegan!

Tangerine Spice (Deodorant Cream): I have NOT tried this yet but I’m curious to see how well it works! We are a bit of a heat wave coming in so this will definitely be put to the test!

I hope this review was helpful to any of you have been thinking about trying any vegan products or wanting to find a subscription box that works for you! I am still searching even though I did like this box overall. I love how they not only included the snack options, but also beauty products too!

Do you have any specific boxes that you love?? Let me know! I will come back to this post to update on a few products after trying them, especially the deodorant! I will post more updates on my Instagram so be sure to follow me over there for more updates and posts!

Stay tuned for more reviews!