Bucket list #1- IRELAND

Hey everyone! I decided to start a whole page dedicated to my own personal bucket list! I am a dreamer that’s for sure and I want to travel and see the world as much as I can with also maintaining work and school. I see places and things to do on a daily basis and I’m always saying “BUCKET LIST!” So now I would love to share with you all the places I’ve been really intrigued by and also things to do as well!

Ireland has been my #1 place to go on my bucket list! Since this has been a place I’ve been dying to go, it thought it would be perfect for my very first ‘BUCKET LIST’ post! Please keep in mind that images I upload will not be my own photos so I DO NOT take credit for any of them unless of course I say specifically they are mine. Here we go!

ireland blog

Kayaking at Lough Hyne in West Cork, Ireland

Kayaking at night?? YES!! Apparently this is a more unique thing to do while in Ireland. The kayaking takes place at Lough Hyne in West Cork and it turns about that it is a marine lake as well as a Marine Nature Reserve park! They say that if your lucky, sometimes when moving your paddle, the water will glow due to the Bio Luminescent Plankton! Seriously how cool is that? I’ve seen photos of beaches glowing and I’ve always wanted to be able to experience that in person! Someday!


ireland blog

Whale Watching in West Cork

Now if you know me, you know how much I LOVE the ocean especially humpback whales! I almost screamed when I had seen this! Unfortunately you don’t have a selective amount of time to see these beautiful creatures. They say the best time to see them is after the summer around September through November. I currently live only a few hours away from Monterey, CA and you can basically go whale watching all year-long but you will definitely see more of the Orcas and Humpback whales around this time of year. Right now they are migrating back from Mexico with their calf along with Grey Whales and unfortunately the orcas tend to stay behind because they go after the babies once they migrate back into the bay. I haven’t witnessed an attack on a trip but I’m sure with my career goals I will someday see one.



Fungi the Dolphin

I saw this on the internet and did a little more research on what this was exactly. Now I haven’t gotten into too much detail YET about my feelings and thoughts about captivity when it comes to animals because that’s for an entirely different post and that’s the main reason why I had to look into this more. Apparently there’s a dolphin named Fungi that lives in the Dingle Harbor and you can see him while taking a boat ride out. They say he’s the most friendliest dolphin you will ever encounter. I have mixed feeling about this. like I said already I looked into this a bit more and it sounds like he is not enclosed into anything which is a plus. No captivity which is good! They state that if you don’t see this dolphin then you get your money refunded back to you. Now I don’t know if people are interacting with him or giving it reasons to always come back to the harbor. I love the fact that it’s not in captivity but it also worries me a bit that it’s comfortable around human beings often life this.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE marine life and anything to do with our oceans so that’s one of the reasons why it concerns be just a little bit that it is somehow so social. I would hate to see this gorgeous animals die from accidental human causes such as a boat hit or something. Another reason why I think it worries me a bit more is because I actually watched a documentary about an Orca that also lived in a harbor that eventually turned into a tourist attraction and let me tell you this animals was so beyond sweet and wanted love and attention from people! He was simply adorable! Unfortunately he later died from getting hit by a boat and everyone was devastated…. I cried like a baby watching it. It truly broke my heart to see this animal just wanting love and affection and because of all the human interaction, he ended his life.. Just be aware of your surroundings when stepping into THEIR habitat.



12 Pubs of Christmas

12 Pubs of Christmas! One of the reasons why I love Ireland so much already is how they love to have fun! I’ve thought about how amazing it would be to visit during St. Patrick’s Day because of all the festivities and parades they have going on! Who knew they celebrated this hard around Christmas time?!?! I sure didn’t until I came across this! I immediately became beyond excited and even my boyfriend was like WHAT!! HAHA

In December people get groups of friends together and decide to wear crappy Christmas out fits and go bar hopping! This is called the ’12 Pubs of Christmas!’ Who wouldn’t want to pub crawl with friends in Ireland! like come one! This is sooooo a must for me! That is of course we go in December.


seaweed bath

Seaweed bath in Sandhill

A seaweed bath y’all! YESSSSSS! I’m telling you right now I would probably do this every night if I could! I couldn’t imagine something more relaxing. Although if not used to it I’m sure it feels slimy and weird lol! But it apparently makes your skin crazy smooth and soft and I’m down for that! Would you do this?



You guys… This will most likely be in a whole separate bucket list post because seeing the Northern Lights is for sure on my bucket list! I almost peed my pants when I found out you can see them at certain times in Ireland! Look at this view! Someday I will see it! Have you? If so, I’m jealous!


That was a list of places I have found so interesting in that I would love to be able to do in Ireland plus more I hope! I will also put the link below where I found these pictures and sources. I may add onto this later on when I find some more cool places to go and views to see! I hope you enjoyed this post because I truly enjoy being able to talk and share where I want to travel and things I want to do in my lifetime! Look out for more posts coming soon because trust me, I have A LOT of places to talk about!


Where have you been so far? Let me know!