Sick? My Natural Remedy!

Natural Cold/Sinus Remedy


I’m sure this remedy in on Pinterest because it’s pretty simple and easy to put together! I would be shocked if it wasn’t already posted by many people already! I was sick for 2 weeks and it was not fun let me tell you… Everyone in my city was getting really bad allergies and at this time it flared up big time! I had allergies for probably around 5 days thinking it was just that and it would eventually go away. I p forgetting to take my allergy meds so I figure that was the reason why it wouldn’t go away. I FINALLY started taking them around the 5 day mark but my symptoms were only getting worse!

Then came the weekend.. I started getting the symptoms of a sinus infection and I’ve only  had one years ago and its terrible! I am also the type of person to wait to the last min to go to the doctors so of course I didn’t go. I kept telling myself it would get better.. Little did I know! UGH! My second week of being sick was almost done and that Friday I was considering going to the doctors but something was telling me that at that point I felt like it was too late and I experienced the worst from it. I bought some sinus medicine to help with the terrible pressure on my head and my ridiculous cough that was keeping me from sleeping! It worked thank goodness!!! During the second week I decided to try a little remedy at home in the hopes it would help speed the process up just a tad. Heres what I decided to do!

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  1. Mint leaves
  2. Rosemary
  3. lemon
  4. Tea-pot 
  5. Any bowl
  6. Medium size towel
  7. Soemthing to stir with (optional) 

IMG_2461.JPGCurrently we have a small garden going on at our place! We live in an apartment so we don’t have too much room for our things outside so we are a little limited on how much we can grow right now. If we had a bigger space we would be growing all sorts of things! I took some Rosemary, Mint leaves, and cut up a lemon to place all in a bowl.


I boiled some water in our tea-pot and then poured it into a regular bowl we have. At the time it didn’t feel like it was working too great just because I let my sinus’ get so bad. I couldn’t really smell too much of it as well but overall I believe it worked. I mean really, it couldn’t have gotten any reason people! lol!


IMG_2346Heres what the end result looked like! I sat here and placed a towel over my head and was breathing in and out. Every now and then you can lift your head out of it just to cool down because it can be a bit hot.

I was very excited that I was able to actually put this together myself from things we grew just on our patio! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used our mint plants plus the Rosemary and Basil!

I hope you enjoyed this quick little remedy I put together and if you have tried this or something similar let me know! Next time I want to add some lavender. I think that’s the next plant we’re going to get! Thanks for reading!