30 Days of Yoga Challenge/ Day 14

Day 14!

Let’s get right into it shall we?

cat cow pose copy.png

Cat Cow

First, Cat Cow pose! This feels so amazing on my back! I will normally do this in each session I do whether it’s in that day or not because it just feels so good! If your wanting to do some basic stretches specifically for your back, I recommend doing this one. I feel it mainly in the shoulder blade region. If you’ve been following my recent yoga challenge posts then you know that my right shoulder blade in particular has many knots always tight. I will say that after starting this yoga challenge, the pain and tightness has decreased. That means there’s hope for that shoulder of mine! LOL! I’m sure that if I wasn’t taking little breaks through out last month for this challenge, It would probably feel way better by now.


Downward facing dog .png

Downward Facing Dog

Next is Downward Facing Dog! I have fallen in love with this pose. When I first started this challenge I honestly wasn’t a big fan of it. Why? Starting out this challenge I wasn’t exactly comfortable with the poses and different positions. It was frustrating and I wasn’t very confident while doing the first couple days. Not being able be as flexible as I wanted to be was a little discouraging. Keep In mind that right now my mindset has completely changed from when I first started. Although I have a ways to go, I learned that it only takes time, patience, confidence, and an open mind to be able to accomplish these tasks. Remember that if you are also started yoga!


cat cow pose

Hovering Cat

We did our Cat Cow pose and now we are moving onto the Hovering Cat! This was a first for me. Let me tell you, holding it for even 10 seconds was a struggle! It looks so simple right? HAHAHA During this pose I felt it in my core and my arms for sure. While doing poses that are new and can be a bit struggling, It’s always good to clear your head as much as possible! Easier said than done, I know….


cat cow pose

Keep an open mind and concentrate on your breathing! I’m still training myself with controlling my breathing and focusing on it. It’s something that’s going to take a while for me.




Extended childs pose copy


Normally in the end of each session I will do this pose just because it helps so much with my back region. With this one you can either place your knees together or spread apart like in the picture above! Stay tuned for day 15 soon!