L. Lady Products Review!

First review!

Honestly I couldn’t think of a better first review than to talk about some girl products!

If you don’t want to see me talk about girls lady weeks than I suggest not reading any further!


tampons tampax pearlALRIGHT, first I’ll tell you all what I have been using for a while now and then I will get on with the actual review. I normally buy the Tampax Pearl tampons. This has honestly been my go-to for a while now. Why? Well if you can see from the picture, these tampons come in a little pouch so what I love about these is that once your done with the plastic applicator you can slip it into the pouch and then into the trash! It’s less clean up and something you don’t have to wrap up in toilet paper. A little less mess and a little less embarrassing. I am in no way saying having a period or being a girl for that matter should be embarrassing but I know how it can feel to constantly be wrapping up your girlly products as nicely as you can. I GET IT LADIES! Trust me your not the only one!

Now with that being said, I recently have been trying to change my lifestyle for the better. That means eating healthier, fitting in time for more exercise, and also doing my part to make our planet a more healthier one. By doing my part that’s including using less plastics in my daily life, eating healthier foods such as plant based to be more specific, and so much more.

About 2 weeks ago I went to target because yes, my period started… And let’s just say it was horrible timing. I was sicker than sick and of course this came along OH  and a couple days early that I might add. LOL. ANYWAYS, I was looking around and I came across this brand called L. I actually came across their pads first but I’ll post that underneath. I don’t wear pads too often so I kind of skipped the idea of buying them. When I turned around to look for my usual go-to tampons, I saw these containers from the same brand and I immediately was super excited! I know right?! I can’t be the only one getting excited about tampons right? lol

I will be completely honest and say that that actual product didn’t FEEL much different than others but knowing overall that theres no harmful chemicals in them is a better feeling!

talia-our-movementFirst of all the containers are freaking adorable am I right??!! BUT I was disliking how it was in plastic.. Iv’e been trying to stay away from buying plastic as much as I can. I do realize that these tampon applicators are plastic and I will be honest to say I have not really looked into other options as of right now. I did look more into this brand and it turns out that the founder of all of this is Talia Frenkel. She traveled and documented humanitarian crisis from all over, from there she was inspired and wanted to make a change for young women out there that were struggling with AIDS/HIV and other issues regarding access to female products. Amazing!
L padsNow here’s a picture of what the pads look like. I haven’t used these yet but I am more than willing to give it a try! Have you tried these yet? If so, let me know how you like it!





Overall I love how I am able to help support a great foundation to help young women that don’t have access with feminine products like we do. We have so many options to choose from and others aren’t as fortunate. I also like thus brand because I never realized that others would really have chemicals in them to begin with. It’s just not something I thought about. It’s definitely something to think about because these products are being placed inside your body! I will also post the link to the website below in case any of you are interested in checking everything out! They also sell condoms but I’ll let you check that out for yourself.

Website: https://thisisl.com

Until next time!