KitTea Cat Cafe!

You’re probably asking yourself, “Is that what I think it means?”


What’s better than drinking tea and hanging out with cats for an hour!?

This past Saturday we had to head down to the city for a concert which by the way was AMAZING! So before the concert, we decided to check out this kitty cafe everyone keep talking about!


All of their teas are untouched from any chemicals and are from a farm in Kyoto Japan. They have their own traditional way or process in which they handle the teas. Here is a list of the 4 teas you can drink while playing or snuggling with their adorable kitties!


  1. Kukicha
  2. Sencha
  3. Hojicha
  4. Genmaicha

My favorite was the Kukicha which it seemed to be more of the popular one when we were there. Kukicha was one of the more simple tasting teas they had out of all of them. Well to me that’s how it tasted. Sencha was pretty close to it but had a little more sweetness or fruity notes in it. That’s the one christian liked.


So during this hour, you can play with the cats while also drinking any of these 4 teas! Did I also mention you get an unlimited amount for the entire hour!!!?? They have other things on the menu as well but the 4 teas are the options that are included when paying to get in. One of the things the worked in the room with us mentioned is that all of these cats were rescued and can be up for adoption. How cool is that? Now, I’m pretty sure you also have to make a reservation for the most part, but we did walk in and I think just got lucky with their space being available. They can only have up to so many people inside the room because it’s not a huge space. Then of course there’s the cute cafe on the other side of the kitty room and you can always just hang out in there and watch the cats from the window if you would rather do that than be in the room. But come on, who wouldn’t want to be in the kitty room!

Like I mentioned in the beginning that this was our first time going and it was a great experience! After leaving the cafe christian and I started talking about how amazing that idea is to be able to have people come in to bind with these rescued fur babies and possibly adopt them! Could you imagine how many more animals would be adopted instead of being pout down everyday from the shelters? Now trust me I know that no matter what unfortunately animals are being put down everyday and it truly breaks my heart. So to be able to see someone out there trying to make a difference is amazing and gives me hope. I also just saw a video the other day about this Van or some type of vehicle full of rescued cats travel around and people are also allowed to bond with them and the turn out for adoptions ended up being about 40 a month! I really hope to see more people coming together to make it possible for every animals to have a chance at a great life. Do you know any places like this? let me know!

🌻 Kirstie 🌻