Take Time Away From Social Media

First of all, HAPPY FRIDAY!

Before I get into this, the picture above is a pic I captured on my way to Tahoe a while back. Beautiful right? 💙

I decided on Monday May 1st to take some time away from certain social media websites.  I know something must be wrong with me right?. lol!

That’s including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • snapchat
  • Youtube



These were the main social media links I decided to take a step back from. Why?? well I was asking myself the same thing after I finished my finals and my spring semester is officially over, so why was I feeling so stressed out? I know I’m guilty of constantly going on Facebook or Instagram when I’m bored and of course posting on snapchat… My mom even makes fun of me of how much I’m on it. Every time she looks over I have my phone in my hand ready to be updated on something even though I’m sure whatever it is, its not going to impact my life whosoever. Because of this I decided to just stop going on certain social media sites. Mainly the ones in listed above…

Now Yes, I realize I’m on my blog but I see this a little different. On here I am able to express anything I want, how I want, when I want. It’s mine. So this is my therapy so to speak. I just really enjoy being on here and I don’t see it being as harmful as other social media sites can be. I included Youtube above just because I was also on there quit a bit watching videos from many YouTuber’s so I decided to really only catch up on my yoga sessions. YouTube for sure was not the main source I was on…

I am in no way saying that these social media sites are terrible for you or not entertaining or enjoyable to be on. Yes, there are benefits to having these but the point that I am trying to get across is that sometimes we should all take a little break. I can’t express enough how healthy it can truly be for you.
addicted to phoneLet’s get back to where I talk about how sadly I’m addicted to my phone. How many of us aren’t? BE HONEST! It’s to the point where any second of free time I had between a task or break time, I would immediately open up my phone and most likely open Facebook first. I noticed that while taking a break from social media this past week, I would open up my phone and automatically open up Facebook with out hesitation and I was like WAIT NO!! Clicked out right away. Sad right? Even though I was clicking out of it remembering that I was NOT doing that, it was still crazy how that’s instantly when I did. That made me realize if not more that I really need that break.
May 12th- Today Iv’e glanced at Facebook and the other social media sites on my phone BUT I noticed that it wasn’t the first thing I did PLUS I was maybe on it for 20 seconds and then I was done. I didn’t feel that it was necessary. Would you rather socialize on there or face to face with an actual human being? Yes I know it’s only been 12 days but it was an eye opener for damn sure! I’m at a point to where I’m not going to force myself to never go on but I don’t feel like all these social media websites are the center of the universe.

Go out for a walk or hike! Ride your bike! Go camping because its summer time! Head out with some friends or have a cell phone free night with your loved ones.



I’m serious! Call me crazy but I’m pretty sure theres a way to live life with out our phones glued to our hands am I right?? Next Tim when your out and about, take a look around. Count or poaddicted to the phoneint out how many people you see eyes down on their phones. It’s sad to see how this is a way people socialize. I get that sometimes this is the only way we can stay in touch with loved ones, friends, or whatever it may be, but the reasoning behind why I’m writing this in the first place is not against any of those reasonings at all so please keep that in mind.

Have you done this? If so how did you feel by taking some time away from all of it? What did you do instead? Where did you go? I would LOVE to hear your responses! One of the reasons why I started this blog is not only because I love to express myself on here and make it my own, but I also love the way it allows me to talk and connect with all of you! so by all means, please don’t hesitate to respond!

I hope you all have an amazing Friday and Happy Mother’s Day to all of you hard working mommas out there! Enjoy your special day with your loved ones and I truly hope you have a great one. Embrace all the beauty that’s around you on this beautiful planet we live on. 🌻