30 Day Yoga Challenge/ Day 13

Day 13! 

Im back!!

So get ready for some excuses.. I took some time away from social media for personal reasons plus I had a lot going on with school. I was preparing for all my finals and it was causing a lot of stress so I decided take a little break from the blog. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my blog and doing yoga has helped me feel so much better but it was just something I decided to do. Honestly I wish that I at least kept up with the challenge but that became challenging.

Because I haven’t been doing much of my yoga lately, I decided to go back on some of the older sessions I did previously just to get my body back into it again. I didn’t want to start Day 13 with my mind and body not ready for it. I know that can cause more harm than anything so thats another reason why it has taken me a little longer to get back on here but I’m officially back!

extended childs poseWho here has done yoga before? If so, let me know what your favorite stretch or position is! Im loving the extended childs’ pose with arms reached out. In day 13 we did this and it felt AMAZING! If you have been keeping up with my yoga challenge blogs then you know I’ve told you all about my back pain so doing these poses really helps release that tension I have.

I actually did day 13 twice because I wanted to get caught up before moving on to day 14.   I didn’t struggle as much as I thought I would when going back to retrain my body so that’s a good thing right? lol. We didn’t do too much in this session other than more balancing techniques such as the “Eagle Pose.” This is where it got a little tricky but like I said I did this day twice and the second time wasn’t so bad. In the next couple of sessions I blog about I will most likely be mentioning other sessions along with it due to me wanting to first do an older session then our new one. well that’s all for todays blog! Keep an eye our for Day 14 and thanks again for visiting my page and taking the time to follow  my journey! Bring it on Day 14!