LOVE Fresh Mint!

Fresh Mint! YUUUUUM! 


There’s nothing better than being able to pick your own herbs! The other night I went out on our patio and picked off some of the sweet mint we have been growing for a few months now. I mean honestly you guys, whats better than picking off fresh mint that you’ve grown yourself ALSO knowing theres no nasty chemicals on it either! What can you use mint for? Here’s a list of ways you can use mint =)

  •  Waters /Especially with fruit like strawberries and lemon!
  • Salads
  • In your Ice cream /Who doesn’t love Ice cream!
  • Smoothies


*TIP: Did you know that if you SLAP the mint leaves it helps extracts the oils which will make your water, smoothies, or meal even better!* 

This is our sweet mint plant from about a month ago. We have replanted it into a bigger pot that we already had! I will show that below as well!



There are a few different kinds of mint if you don’t already know so I will list them down below. We recently starting growing a regular mint plant but I have to say that so far I LOVE our sweet mint plant a little more! And it grows like crazy! The regular mint plant we have has bigger leaves and doesn’t tend to grow as many as the sweet mint does.

This is our sweet mint plant after replanting it a few weeks ago. I don’t know why this picture looks so bad but I will probably upload an update on them soon. They have grown a lot since this picture so I definitely want to show you all what they look like now!



Commonly Grown Mint Plants

  1. Sweet Mint
  2. Regular Mint
  3. Peppermint
  4. Spearmint
  5. Chocolate Mint