30 Day Yoga Challenge/ Day 12

Day 12!

Oh boy you guys… I have failed.. Just kidding! Well in a way it seems like I did because I am a couple days behind on my challenge. No, that doesn’t mean I’m quoting though. I will be continuing the challenge just more at my own pace. Most likely I will be doing it everyday but I realized LIFE happens and working, going to school straight after work, coming home trying to eat and do homework can sometimes leave me no time for anything else. SO with that being said I am still going to continue with this challenge and many more in the future because I LOVE this challenge so far. Here’s what we covered on day 12!

Downward dog

This is one of the most common positions we do during every session so far and I love it. It really helps stretch everything out and I’m working on it almost every day to be able to get my heals all the way down. Before this challenge my goal is to have both heals down!
downward dog leg upWe’ve done this one before but not often. I don’t get fully comfortable with certain moves until we’ve done them a least in a couple sessions. Certain positions come to me now and I’m able to do them more smoothly. Lets just say this didn’t look so smooth for me lol!


Balance .pngOh man… Sooo.. let’s just say I was getting pretty frustrated right about here.. lol I could not balance for the life of me! I don’t know why. Im assuming because I’ve missed a few days I kind of lost my concentration a bit especially with all the stress I’ve been under which resulted in me not being able to do my last couple yoga sessions.. It was even harder closing my eyes so I’m going to start with baby steps on balancing with my eyes closed because let me tell you it was freaking hard!

leg out behind and balanceThis one wasn’t so bad for me. I was a little more focussed and more balanced from when I first started. As frustrating as it might be sometimes, I still really enjoy it. Just in these 12 days I can see a difference in my body and mind.


Just remember to not give up on anything your determined to do. I have noticed changes in my body and mind from just doing this 12 days. I feel healthier and of course that comes with eating healthier as well. I notice myself taking deeper breathes through out the day when I get frustrated. And lets not forget about the lower back pain and right shoulder pain I’ve been having for a long time now. Even that has been getting better. That’s all for now you guys! Sorry for being a little behind but instead of beating myself up for it I just accepted the fact that life happens!