30 Day Yoga Challenge/ Day 11

Day 11!

Back to a longer session!

I just love when the sessions are long that means more to do! Ok first we did a position which makes me very hesitant lol. We were in the downward facing dog position and had to bring up right leg and bend the knee up in the air and make circular motions. Why am I hesitant about this? Don’t get me wrong I really do like it BUT we had to do this move I believe the 3rd day and my right hip popped like CRAZY! I knew right then my alignment must be off or something. So when I saw that we were doing it again in this session, I was curious if it would be as bad as the first time I did it and shockingly it wasn’t! That’s when I noticed more progress with this challenge. I’m going to try and incorporate this into my almost everyday routine because if I can see progress in one week with my hip not popping as much, I can’t imagine how better I will feel later on!

Any recommendations or suggestions on other ways to help with my alignment? I would love to hear more suggestions form you all if you also do yoga!

Talk to you on Day 12!