30 Day Yoga Challenge/ Day 10

Day 10!

Heyy ya’ll!

So theres not too much to update on for day 10. It was a 10 min session and we only focussed on a few positions and balance. My balance is still way off lol way more than I thought. I think because we did so little and kept it pretty simple, I was able to work on my breathing a bit more. As I mentioned before I oddly enough have a hard time focusing on my breathing while moving into different positions.

Isn’t it weird how something we do everyday such as breathing, is actually super difficult to concentrate on? Personally I think its because we do it naturally everyday without having to ever focus on it at all. When starting yoga and even still right now, its still hard to focus on my breathing along with doing the different moves AND timing it all together as well.

If you are doing yoga frequently and have encountered this, what helped you on your breathing? Does it take time to naturally start timing everything just right? Im assuming it does. I’m the type of person to where I HAVE to know how to do something to almost perfection in order to feel satisfied but I realized with yoga that its the complete opposite. I looked beyond silly when first starting and I of course hated that.

So far this journey into yoga has been a little challenging at times because I realized I’m not going to know everything all at once but its made me become more patient with this specifically. It also has made me appreciate the little things as I see progress in certain positions or even stretches.

If any of you out there are thinking about starting a yoga challenge but is hesitant about it, don’t be scared! I felt uncomfortable at first but the more you do, the more confident you get! Hope you all have a great rest of your day!