Vegan Chili!

Since giving up meat about a year ago and now being on a plant based diet, chili, meatloaf, and enchiladas is sometimes hard for me not to eat anymore..  I was never much of a meat eater but for some reason I loved all of these 3 meals! To be completely honest, I have gone so long with out eating, even the smallest piece of meat doesn’t interest me anymore.

When my mom told me she was making vegan chili I lost it! Keep in mind my mom is now vegetarian not vegan. Although she does eat a lot of the same things I do, she changed her lifestyle mainly for her health as for me I also did it for my health but also to help the environment in any way I can and I’m a major animal lover.

I don’t have the exact recipe that she used for this specific chili but there are soooo many on Pinterest so I recommend looking it up on there! There are also a lot of ways you can make it and I know that my mom used the crockpot and had it cooking all day so keep that in mind when searching up a recipe!

I will have more up soon and I will try to post recipes on future posts!

-Have you made or had vegan Chile before? If so, how was it? If you have made it before, how do you make yours? Comment and let me know! ❤️