30 Day Yoga Challenge/ Day 8

DAY 8!

Day 8 done you guys! It feels like I’ve been doing this for weeks now but yet I’m only a little over a week into it. OK todays session you guys… I will be completely honest when I say that I was barely able to focus.. Tonight was the first time I thought I did horrible. I tend to be pretty hard on myself so that could just be me thinking in a negative way and maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was but idk you guys.. Why was I not focused??

—– I started my period.. Ladies you all know how that feels and the last thing you probably want to do while experiencing the first day cramps is getting up to do anything productive am I right? NOT FUN!  But I did it anyway so that counts for something right? lol

As much as I wanted to be a couch potato, I still got up and did my yoga session for the day and I never once regret it afterwards. It somehow always makes me feel so much more happier inside and out. Im seeing progress on the outside but also the inside. As I mentioned a few days ago that ever since I started this challenge I have been able to PASS OUT the second I begin to lay down and relax. Back in the day I loved staying up late and yeah I still do but I take advantage of any precious sleep I can get these days!

If any of you are doing a yoga challenge, how is it going? If you are thinking about doing yoga and maybe want to start a challenge then thats awesome!! I recommend just searching online especially YouTube and find a challenge that best suites you. The challenge I’m doing right now may not be for everyone so definitely explore your options!