30 Day Yoga Challenge/ Day 4

Day 4 DONE! Today we focused on our back which I needed BADLY! I have some pretty bad right shoulder pain along my shoulder blade and unfortunately over the years it has gotten worse.

I taught gymnastics for about 4 years and when I would lift and spot the gymnasts, I was somehow messing up my shoulder muscles. To be honest I don’t understand how it got so bad because I was stretching daily while at work but I was young and didn’t know any better. IMG_1672

Later on after graduating high school I started getting into physical therapy and did some schooling for it. I asked physical therapists whom I worked with and they had some basic stretches for me to do but I didn’t keep up with it all (my fault). THEN I worked in an elderly facility as a caregiver and also a Med Tech for 4 years which I think this is where it went wrong. I was constantly lifting, bending over, giving showers, well you get the idea, and for a long time I wasn’t taking care of myself at all… Keep in mind I was also a preschool teacher.. The job was amazing and I learned so many things and responsibilities of taking care of another person and growing as an individual but I became extremely stressed, exhausted physically, and emotionally. I eventually had to leave in order take myself out of that situation plus in order for me to be able to go back to school, I was going to have to leave.

Now I am a full time preschool teacher, college student, and trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle along with a social life. Busy I know! I couldn’t be happier at the moment! Going back to school has been something I have been stressing over for years because I FINALLY know what I want to do in the future. Ill explain more of that in another post.  I just noticed how off topic I got! oh boy…


This session really helped me figure out simple ways to stretch out my back safely. Speaking of, I had a little bit of time this morning before work so I decided to do some stretching and it was interesting to see how some of the moves and techniques came to me so easily rather than overthinking of what position to go into next. That’s saying a lot because I over think everything! I can’t be the only one right?? Ever since I started this challenge I can’t help but look forward to doing yoga and I look forward to sharing it all with you!

Bring it day 5!