30 Day Yoga Challenge / Day 1

IMG_1563Day 1 :  Was a success!! I have been dying to do yoga for a while now but never went through with it. A few years back I took a yoga class and the actual yoga was fine but I didn’t feel like I had any connection with the instructor and shouldn’t we feel comfortable and connected with them in some way? I personally think that an instructor, especially teaching yoga, should want to try to connect with everyone. Needless to say I wasn’t as relaxed as I thought I would be. I tend to overthink EVERYTHING so in the end I was disappointed with the experience.

I found Yoga by Adriene on YouTube and immediately felt like this would be a great challenge for me! I will say that starting this yoga experience already feels amazing! I noticed while doing my first session I wasn’t focusing on my breathing other than the times she reminded me. Is that normal for any of you when you started? I’m more focused on looking up to see what she’s doing rather than relaxing BUT I will say that I felt more relaxed doing it this time around than when I went to a yoga class. I guess it will take some time. I’m really hoping that doing this daily will help by opening a door to a more healthy lifestyle, get a decent workout along with getting a better posture, having a clearer mindset, toning up my body,  looking healthy, and of course to help relax. If you are feeling a little discouraged at the moment, join me on my 30 Day Yoga Challenge! After this is I hope to continue yoga and I will definitely keep you all posted!