Not Motivated?

We all get in those moods where we think we are failing at life and just drop everything and quit. Am I right? Been there, done that! I went through at time where I didn’t have the time for school because of my previous job. It feels amazing to be in school FINALLY. I was unmotivated for a very long time with my whole school situation and it was overall making me feel like everyday I was failing. I am pleased to say I finished my first semester of school and actually just attended my first day back in my second semester yesterday! Damn it feels good to be back. Yes you heard me! I am so thrilled and giddy about being back in class again! ALSO not only have I been back in school but for those of you that don’t know, I am a vegetarian at the moment but I recently decided to transition into being vegan. There are many personal reasons why I have been thinking long and hard about it which I will later explain in a different post.

Along with all of that I have started eating a lot healthier (check out my Instagram!) and back to working out. My mood over the last two weeks has changed so much and for the better! I drink nothing but water right when I wake up and all through out the day. YUUUUMMMMM. I will have a separate post about my daily/weekly fruit waters I make and I will also be uploading more videos on my YouTube Channel. OH did I mention that I have a channel? I have recently started a Youtube Channel to show my journey with school, eating healthier, workout vlogs, and also videos that I come up to make weekly. Basically it’s a channel about me and what I love to share with all of you whether its educational, beauty/health related, or simply fun to do.

I feel more motivated than ever and if your reading this and you are in one of those moods to where you don’t even want to move, then I suggest to take a moment to think of how you can turn those negative thoughts into a positive ones. Maybe just saying it in your head doesn’t work so think of a different way. Maybe write in a journal, type it into your phone, write yourself a letter, or tell a friend. Everyone has they own way that works best for them. For me personally, I have to force myself sometimes and once I’m in that zone then I will start feeling guilty which makes it easier for me not to stop. It also helps when you have friends and family that support you and are also choosing a healthier lifestyle. How do you stay motivated? I will have all the links down below if you would like to follow me or subscribe. I would greatly appreciate it!

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