Rainy Days

I know I can’t be the only one that LOVES rainy days right? I don’t know what it that makes me feel so joyful and at peace. Maybe its the sound of the rain, or the super warm sweaters and scarves I can wear? I realize that some people think the overcast weather is depressing, but to me it’s simply amazing! I find it so interesting that “Weather” is so mysterious and has a mind of its own and we just have no choice but to roll with it.ย When I know beforehand its going to rain, I get extremely excited. This time of the year is my FAVORITE! Doesn’t it make you want to sit by the window or on a balcony and watch the rain fall to the ground and breath in the fresh air? It also makes me think of the coast and how badly I wish I could be there!

As you may have noticed (or not), I LOVE the coast. My dream house someday would definitely be by the coast and I imagine having a nice back porch with a decent size patio, fireplace (it gets pretty chilly), a lounging area for our friends and family, and to just go out there whenever and with whoever, and simply relax. The sound of the waves mixed with the bird calls from the seagulls just sounds like home to me. Currently where we live we are about 2 hours away form any beach. That’s hard for me sometimes because I think of being somewhere coastal on a daily basis. The time will come when I will have to eventually move and even though it will be a new change in my life, it will be an amazing one!